French Style Beauty Tips

Do you ever feel like you just wish you knew the French girls' secret to always looking sophisticated? They are the epitome of chic b...

Do you ever feel like you just wish you knew the French girls' secret to always looking sophisticated? They are the epitome of chic but it always feel hard to pin down their magic. Their secret? Simplicity! It's the ultimate element of sophistication, especially when it comes to beauty. You'll never seen a Parisian woman with coifed hair AND full make up. She always leaves something natural and understated. It's what gives the French woman a casual cool look while still remaining put together. Here are my favorite French-style beauty tips.


You may be tempted to skip right to the make up and hair, but French style beauty starts from within. Drinking plenty of water, eating your dark greens, and a variety of fresh foods help your skin and hair glow and grow strong. Drinking more water is a the first key step to looking your best though!


French women aren't as quick to get botox or fillers as we Americans when it comes to aging. They know the importance of aging gracefully! The best anti-aging method is preventative: sunscreen! Regularly wearing facial sunblock-particularly in the summer and winter-can help protect your skin from irreversible damage. Parisian women also swear by regular facials and exfoliating.* I like to do weekly or biweekly gentle scrubs and a spa or at home facial at least once or twice a month. Also be sure to give your face regular depuffing massages with ice or cool rollers. *Be especially sure to apply sunscreen after these treatments as it leaves your thin skin vulnerable.


The French girl's signature hairdo is "upgraded air-dried." To prevent frizz be sure to deep condition in your hair beforehand. If the hair shaft has enough moisture it is less likely to be frizzy. Don't towel dry your hair like they show in the movies! I use Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel  for my wavy-curly hair and it reduces the frizz and drying time in half. This isn't just "another product" for you to buy. It really works for me. (Not an ad!) Finish your styling with the best product for your hair type. I like to braid my hair with a hair serum or natural oil at the tips if I have time to get extra smooth waves. 


I've read and seen this one everywhere: French women just don't really wear foundation. That, to me, has seemed like an American trademark. Full make up, manicure, and heat styled hair is how to spot an American girl. Our Parisian counterparts are much more partial to using coverup if they need it-but otherwise wear very light make up with their own signature daily look. Mine own is to typically* skip the foundation and concealer completely (at most I'll do a tinted moisturizer), groom and fill in the parts of my eyebrows that don't grow due to scars, put on mascara, and always wear lipstick. If I only have time for one thing I always choose lipstick as it looks like I put on make up and made a fun choice for myself. Try it out! It can take some getting used to but your skin (and morning routine) will thank you! *Typically refers to my usual day. For photoshoots, big meetings, or special events I do a full face of make up and feel quite glamorous! 


The French beauty industry has different regulations than we do in the states and you'll find their products typically are more "au natural" and promote organic beauty. I love using products that I can recognize and easily read the sourcing and ingredients list. Our skin is our largest organ and it seems to make sense to care about what it absorbs into our bodies. I love to stick to clean, minimal products and reduce my getting ready time. For instance: I use facial oil additionally for my frizzy hair, make up remover, night mask, and leg moisturizer if I need to. I love brands like Herbivore that are vegan, cruelty free, and clean. (Not an ad either!) Just like using it.

Here are some great clean, multitasking products you could consider in your daily French style routine: 

  • I love Herbivore's Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist for everyday use but especially while I travel or during the winter to give my skin a quick hydrating spritz. Can also be used as a toner, make up setting spray, and refreshing mist.
  • Facial Roller - Improves elasticity of the skin, reduces appearance of puffiness and fine lines, eases facial muscle tension, and helps product absorb better. 
  • 2in1 Lip and Cheek Stain - A hydrating cream formula that gives a hint of color to lips and cheeks.
  • Glossier Body Wash - Body wash with oil that moisturizes as you shower (no post shower dry off, lotion up, wait to dry before getting dressed situation!). Plus it can bonus as a shaving cream. 
  • Coconut Oil - Buy it anywhere these days! It's a dry oil, so it gets absorbed quickly (aka: leaves behind a glow, not shine). Use it for facial or body moisturizer, shaving cream, lip balm, hair mask, hair frizz serum, and make up remover. Honestly, just google, Coconut Oil beauty and you'll have a list so long you'll run out of oil before you do things to do with it. 
  • Vitamin E Oil E-Stick - moisturize your lips, use an under eye cream, and prevents scarring from burns and small cuts. 
  • Orchid Facial Oil (pictured in this post) contains floral oils makes your skin all dewy and hydrated. Formulated for all skin types in need of hydration and protection against visible signs of aging (Hurray!).

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