Packing for Chicago - Fall

Trip Destination:  Chicago, IL Trip Duration:  10 Days Packing Light During Cold Weather:  Pick a Color Scheme to M...

    Trip Destination: 
    Chicago, IL
    Trip Duration: 10 Days
    Packing Light During Cold Weather: 

    1. Pick a Color Scheme to Mix & Match: I like neutrals like black, white, and tan with 1-2 pops of color (such as burgundy here). That way I know I can mix and match pieces to create several outfits. Stay away from too many (or any at all) prints if you can. It makes it so much easier to interchange all your pieces. 
    2. Plan Ahead: I plan an outfit for each day I'm on my trip-including what I'm wearing on the days I travel there and back. I also try on my outfits ahead of time to make sure they all fit still (my weight fluctuates regularly) and that the different "looks" work together. That way I know I won't over pack and bring extras I won't wear.
    3. Layers, Layers, Layers: One of the easiest ways to pack light for colder weather is to wear layers. My leggings are perfect for lounging around our AirBnB or wearing as PJs on cold nights as well as a comfy under layer that I don't mind having to wear for those long jet-lagged travel days. 
    4. Choose High Quality Material, Over Bulk:  I like high quality materials like cashmere, leather, wool, tight knits, and silks as they are great for layering and keeping things cozy and warm, all the while packing well and not taking up a lot of precious space in your bag.
    5. Pack Hard Working Clothes: Pack pieces that are versatile and you can wear several ways. When we traveled to Chicago I was going to a friend's wedding and needed to have two dress outfits for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. Rather than pack two dresses that were only getting 1 nights wear each I chose pieces that I could also use for daywear as I toured the city on our extended stay. I layered leggings or tights under and scarves and jackets over the dresses, finally pairing them off with my comfy suede boots. The jewelry was also hardworking as it could be worn both for formal and casual occasions.
    6. Rent: If you have the option to rent clothes in the city you're touring it makes for very light travel and a fun alternative to your usual wardrobe. I rented my two toned Hunter Bell dress from Rent the Runway and was able to easily drop it off at a nearby UPS store before I flew home. I didn't have to worry about a dress getting wrinkled in my carry on and felt like I was borrowing from a friend's designer closet. You can also rent heavier items like coats or pieces that don't typically travel as well-like velvet. 
    Fall / Chicago Packing List: 
    1. Cashmere Travel Set 
    2. Cashmere Scarf 
    3. Silk Scarf 
    4. Wool Hat 
    5. Sunglasses
    6. Gloves
    7. Crossbody Bag
    8. Leather Backpack / Purse
    9. Minimal Jewelry
    10. Silk Cami
    11. Striped Top
    12. Cashmere Turtleneck
    13. Wool or Cashmere Blend Cardigan
    14. Silk Dress
    15. Long Sleeved Wool Dress
    16. Thin T-Shirts (for layering or sleeping in) 
    17. Leather Jacket 
    18. Casual / Light Jeans 
    19. Leggings
    20. Dark Jeans
    21. Wool Socks / Black Tights
    22. Suede Ankle Boots
    23. Black Heels
    24. Light Luggage
    25. Moisturizing Face Mask
    26. Face Oil
    27. Chapstick 
    28. Hand Lotion
    29. Make Up 
    30. Frizz Control Hair Product

    Do you consider this packing light for a 10 day trip? 
    Do you have a harder time packing light during cold weather? 





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