Last Minute Halloween Decor for Your Home with Yankee Candle

We a ll live busy lives. After the warm memories of summer fade you are playing catch up at the office, weekends are always filled up...

all live busy lives. After the warm memories of summer fade you are playing catch up at the office, weekends are always filled up, and the days grow shorter. Before you know it Halloween creeps up on you-and not in the fun ghoulish way. It's not too late to make your home and family spooktacular though! I've partnered with Yankee Candle to share how to incorporate low stress, last minute Halloween decor into your home this October.

One of the simplest ways to decorate for any holiday is to buy a seasonal candle. The scent alone can make your home feel festive. I like these limited edition Halloween fragrances by Yankee Candle since they're decorated on the outside and add immediate decor. They add the perfect spooky touch to my Halloween vignettes! The two fragrances are Witches' Brew and Sweet Seduction. Witches' Brew is a spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli and Sweet Seduction is a sweet concoction of everything yummy—vanilla cream, luscious caramel, even a dash of rum. 

Buy Your Pumpkins at the Grocery Store
I bought these mini pumpkins while I was doing my regular grocery shopping at Trader Joes. Most grocery stores have pumpkins this time of year and they can often be even cheaper than the pumpkin patches (cute as those locations are). You don't have to get the mini ones like I did; they have carving pumpkins as well. However, if your place is small these little guys are one of the easiest ways to pack a festive punch. BONUS: If you don't carve them they will last for your Thanksgiving celebrations as well. 

Choose Decor Tricks that Treat
Conjure up some Halloween magic with the right mix of fright and delight with online shopping. Though it seems might seem obvious in hindsight, it can be easy to forget how simple it is to shop for seasonal decor online (Amazon, Target, World Market, etc...) and save you from physically going to the store and fighting the crowds. Some of the cheapest and quickest decor items I use are cobwebs, skulls, and rubber spiders. If you stay within a particular color palette you can ensure that all your decor will blend together-despite them being from different online shopping carts. 

Incorporate Your Existing Home Decor
You don't have to completely redecorate. Just throw cobwebs over art and furniture already in your home. Grab some serving trays and style small vignettes with your favorite home pieces + candles + a some Halloween decor. These "vignettes" can have the biggest impact on styling your home for this ghoulish holiday. I like to stick to groupings of three items with three different heights for a satisfying composition.  

Get the Look: 

This post was made in partnership with Yankee Candle-the candles I remember my mother buying all through my childhood. The opinions and tips are my own. Thank you for helping to support the carefully selected sponsors I work with.

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