How to Get Over Your Monday Blues

"L iving for the weekend" is not a long-term strategy. You cannot go through life accepting that 5 out of every 7 days are goi...

"Living for the weekend" is not a long-term strategy. You cannot go through life accepting that 5 out of every 7 days are going to be spent doing some undesirable to you. Take some time to examine how you are living your weekday lifestyle and try some of these tips for get over you Monday Blues: 

1. Prep for the week on Sunday night (physically and mentally). You can't expect your body to perform its best after living it up all weekend and then asking your brain to get back to work at full capacity. Get the rest you need, stretch, and decompress Sunday night. Mentally acknowledge how you feel and think about how you want to feel when you wake up to face the day. 

2. Pick out a killer outfit that brings you joy (I love putting on something colorful and energetic to bring me joy and boosts throughout the day visually.) 

3. Start the day with something that excites you. For me, that can be looking at pictures that inspire me. Or sometimes it's calling a friend while I walk or drive to my work location for the day. Find what makes you feel like you just can't wait to do ____. 

4. If you need a little ritual to make yourself feel like you aren't rushed or stressed, do that. I like to have a quick hot cup of coffee in bed or on the couch while I read or Instagram for 10 minutes. It really makes all the difference in my mornings when I do. 

5. Work out. I know, I know. This isn't what I want to do when I'm already starting the week and facing work. However, it will really make you feel good and set the tone for the week. Even if it's just a 20min jog or yoga session. 

6. Tune into a funny podcast or comedian to make you laugh and increase your endorphins while you commute. My personal favorite to listen to is Jim Gaffigan. 

7. Journal to check in with yourself, celebrate the weekend you had, and dream about the things you want in your life this week. More often than not, you will realize you have a lot to look forward to this week. If you don't, now is the perfect time to schedule in a walk through your favorite part of town, order an audiobook online, or make dinner plans with a buddy you've been meaning to catch up with. 

8. Listen to music that gets you pumped up while you get ready for the day. Music has been proven to boost our moods. My personal favorite is "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross. 

9. Take small breaks. It's been proven that employees are more productive when they take quick breaks to stand, get water, and clear their minds. Set timers for yourself if you can't remember and get up and stretch. Bonus if you can get outside for fresh air and sunshine. 

10. Smile. :) If you don't have time for anything else, just be sure to smile. Fake it till you make it has some truth to it. Studies show that smiling can boost our moods and make us feel less stressed. So smile until you start to feel the reasons to.  

How do you overcome your Monday blues? Or do you find you just can’t overcome your hate for Monday!

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