Thirty Days of Gratitude

Ahhh November. While I'm already humming Christmas carols and living for December I DO appreciate this month of Thanksgiving. Life qui...

Ahhh November. While I'm already humming Christmas carols and living for December I DO appreciate this month of Thanksgiving. Life quickly fills up with little things that make it easy to forget all that we have in our lives. That's why I am dedicating the thirty days of November to remind myself to be grateful for all I'm blessed with and to think of others more.
To help myself I'm creating a list of acts of gratitude and kindness I can incorporate into my daily routine. Because-no matter how much I love decorating for the holidays and wrapping presents-it's important to remind myself the true reason for the season.

Will you join me in 30 Days of Gratitude? 

  1. Make a list of 10 things you're grateful for this year!  
  2. Call your Grandma(s) and just listen to them talk about their day. Appreciate their history and gift of their presence in your life. 
  3. Hold the door open for someone and share a smile.
  4. List things you're thankful for in your career.
  5. Write a sticky note of encouragement or appreciation and leave it on a co-worker's desk.
  6. Bring a friend a cup of coffee. 
  7. Only practice self-love today. No fat-shaming yourself or negative thoughts about yourself. 
  8. Donate things you no longer use to those in need. Appreciate the service those goods offered you at one point and pass them on.
  9. If you live with your significant other (or roommate) clean up your shared spaces without comment or expecting anything in return.  
  10. Write a loved one a letter telling them how you love and appreciate them.
  11. Instead of looking around and seeing all you still want in your home, make note of what you currently love in it.
  12. Surprise your roommate (or significant other) with home baked goods or dinner!
  13. Do a selfless act for a stranger. (Suggestion: let someone skip you in the grocery line.
  14. Send your best friend a card. Just 'cause. 
  15. Do you have an elderly neighbor or family member? Go visit with them and ask if they have anything around the house they need help with (even as simple as changing the fire alarm batteries). Chances are they really could use help with something but just didn't feel they could ask. 
  16. Don't complain at all today. Every time you feel the urge to, think of one thing you are grateful for. 
  17. Give canned goods to your local food drive.
  18. Text your sibling(s) (or cousins/BFF if you're an only child) and just tell them you love them and one thing you appreciate about them.
  19. Give someone a [genuine] compliment today.
  20. Send / give your mom flowers. 
  21. Write down your top 5 favorite things about yourself and be thankful for how those make you unique. 
  22. Do a random act of kindness for someone today.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving! Create Thanksgiving Grateful Game cards to share with your family at dinner. 
  24. Instead of focusing on consuming today, rest and focus on family time or on what you already have and appreciate.
  25. List 3 things you like about your body (which can be hard after that Thanksgiving meal).
  26. Offer to babysit for free for a friend. 
  27. Make something today. How lovely it is to create rather than constantly consume.  
  28. Take a friend/mentor out for lunch and share how you appreciate them. 
  29. Let a car go in front of you today while driving. 
  30. List 5 things you're grateful for from November. 
I hope this will be a time of reflection and healthy change for me. I love to shop and have gotten very consumed with the "I must have this..." buyer's concept. I look forward to a month focused on the deeper meanings of life and being truly happy. 

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