13 Things To Do This Labor Day Weekend (Other Than Travel)

As much as I love to travel for holidays it's not always in the budget or schedule (Besides, long weekends = serious traffic and airpor...

As much as I love to travel for holidays it's not always in the budget or schedule (Besides, long weekends = serious traffic and airport lines. Hard PASS). If you're like me and not able to travel this long weekend here are 13 alternative fun things to do over Labor Day weekend that don't require travel.

1. Throw an "End of Summer Soiree" Invite your friends over to celebrate the summer with a last "Hurrah!" Serve classic summer fruits along with cocktails and grill out. Two of my favorite drinks are Moscow Mules and Mojitos, so I like to add in seasonal fruit or berries to highlight the end of summer. Serve your Moscow Mules in Copper Mugs and keep your drinks cold and stylish!

2. Have a Picnic Bring a book, magazines, and music and have a picnic day at the beach or park. Pack lunch and several snacks and drinks. Relax in the last of the summer sun while you still can.

3. DIY Project You don't have any more excuses! You FINALLY have enough time to go get the supplies and finish4.  that DIY project you've been wanting to do. Follow my DIY Pinterest Board for ideas you could finish over the weekend. 

4. Weekend Home Makeover Redecorate your home this weekend! Start with a plan: make a design board on Pinterest, decide the layout and what items you need to buy or make over, and set a checklist / project plan. Invite friends over to help and make it fun. See these 2 fun weekend makeovers I love by Emily Henderson: a) WEEKEND MAKEOVER| MID-CENTURY ECLECTIC ARTIST // b) WEEKEND MAKEOVER | NICOLETTE MASON’S NEW HOME

5. Host a Themed Movie/Netflix Night Ask your friends to dress up, make some popcorn, and serve drinks to go along with the theme. Ex: If you're having a Mad Men night everyone should dress up in their best 60s suits and dresses, etc... and you ensure you have plenty of whiskey and martinis to go along with the Mad Men theme. If you want to make it a more "adult" party make a drinking game up ahead of the movie and whenever one of the triggers for drinking comes up, take a sip! Here is a great drinking game print off example. As a nice touch you can give a small parting gift for your friends such as a small cocktail kit in a tin or specialty popcorn.

6. Game Night Invite your friends over and have a game night. Put out different kinds of board games and cards (or video games if you rather) with cocktails and snacks. There is always lots of laughter on these nights and get to see who in your friend group is hilariously competitive. Here are some of top my favorite and popular group games: GAME 1 / GAME 2GAME 3 / GAME 4 / GAME 5

7. Go for a Hike Perfect to do on your own or with a friend. Be sure to wear comfy shoes and pack snacks and water.

8. Explore a Museum or Local Exhibit Look what local exhibits are showing this weekend and make a plan to take in the subject.

9. Distillery / Brewery / Wine Tasting & Tour Call ahead if possible and schedule a tour and tasting at your favorite local Distillery / Brewery / Winery. Follow this with dinner or a picnic.

10. Pool Time Grab a book, sunscreen, a wide brim hat and lay out and cool down by the pool. Here are some really fun pool floats to make the pool lounging all the more enjoyable.

11. Staycation See How To Create the Staycation of Your Dreams to learn about the best ways to have the best vacation while never leaving the comfort of your hometown (or own home).

12. Library / Bookstore Favorite of mine! I love libraries and used bookstores for their books and unique (and sometimes antique) book selections. Get a cup of coffee, put together a stack of books you're curious about, and curl up in a corner and skim through them until you find just the right one(s) to take home with you. I strongly encourage finishing the rest of that book over the weekend! Here are some of my favorite books right now:

13. "Pre-Fall Cleaning" (Instead of "Spring Cleaning") Prepare your home for fall by doing a deep cleaning. Odds are if you were traveling or out socializing all summer your place may have been a bit neglected. Dust, vacuum, clean out the fridge (it will feel nice and cool!), and get your place just the way you'd like it. Reorganize and declutter so that it feels like a fresh new home. It will be all ready to go when you want to decorate for autumn! I love this "Whole House Deep Cleaning List" from blogger, Blesser House.

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