Pastel Easter Brunch

With all that I have going on, I had to realize I was crazy to do an Easter brunch and blog about it. BUT I DID...because I love styl...

With all that I have going on, I had to realize I was crazy to do an Easter brunch and blog about it. BUT I DID...because I love styling tables and entertaining. That being said, I knew I had to go by the words of Dwight K. Shrute: “Michael always says, ‘K-I-S-S. Keep it simple, stupid.’ Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time.” So I chose a simple color scheme of pastels; primarily light pink, turquoise, and gold / yellow. Decided to host a brunch over a dinner (aka: simpler, uncomplicated food). Lastly, I used a few simple “short-cuts” to make my life easier.

I made things easier on myself by creating and preparing my menu ahead of time. 
  • Boiled, dyed eggs for Easter make for a perfect brunch companion and can be done 1-2 days in advance. 
  • You can also make baked goods and cookies the night before (or even buy them pre-made! Shh...I won't tell!). 
  • Cut up a fruit plate the day before and squeeze lemon juice over it before covering it, to keep it fresh. 
  • Drinks: Prep your coffee grounds and filters the night before and mix juices in pitchers for mimosas ahead of time. ANYTHING you can do to give yourself time back the day of your event...DO! 

While I like to style and set a table I think it's important for guests to feel comfortable and like they can help themselves in my home. I set up a buffet with food at different levels for visual interest as well as make it easier to see what is being offered. Not a lot of decor is needed for a buffet when you let the food and dishes be the stars. If I were to have more time I might have made a banner to hang above. (Unfortunately, I work full time and barely sleep as it "Minimalism Decor" is the idea here, lol). 

Dyed / Painted Eggs:
You can take a few different short cuts here: Buy, dye, paint, or go minimal and just pick out some beautiful white or brown eggs. I chose to paint my eggs for the sake of time. I used acrylic paint and used different strokes to get texture. For my "marbled gold eggs" I painted them before dabbing the surface with a paper towel for faux marbled texture. 

Here are a few egg dying tutorials I love, if I had more time: 

Light swirled glass plates acted as my chargers and large plate for the main entree once the appetizers were complete. I tied my silverware together with ribbon, to create a more casual, brunch-style setting. I also had extra silverware set out on the buffet, in case any guests drop theirs or just need another, for whatever reason. 

Little Details:
This is really what makes people think you're a domestic ninja! The little details! 
  • Tie a ribbon around the silverware
  • Personalized their eggs by writing their names with a gold sharpie 
  • Hand painted menu (okay, this last one may not be the easiest if you're not artistic...BUT you can always just print one off of the internet if you can't paint.) 

Simple Styling: 
  • Centerpiece: Use potted spring plants (such as this lavender I got from Trader Joe's for $6) over a bouquet. (Saves time, money, and you can easily give it as a gift or continue to grow it long afterwards and enjoy the herbs!)
  • Candles: Save time and use pillar candles or tea lights in glass cups, rather than get out and polish your candlesticks. 
  • Use What You Have: I spread out the eggs and colorful meringues I had to decorate the runner. 

Get the Look: 
1. Pink Glass Plates (Similar 1) (Similar 2)  // 2. Pink Clay Bowls // 3. Turquoise Plates (Similar 1) (Similar 2) (Similar 3) // 4. Grey Napkins // 5. Pink Glassware (Similar 1) (Similar 2) // 6. Green Glassware (Similar 1) (Similar 2) // 7. Copper or Gold Flatware // 8. Bunny Salt + Pepper Shakers // 9. Ceramic Egg Crate // 10. Wood Tier Stand //

How do you like to celebrate Easter or Passover? 
Are you usually the host? Or the guest? 
What tips do you have for pulling off simple, yet charming, entertaining? 

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