April Showers: 5 Ways to Celebrate Rainy Days

"April showers bring May flowers." We've all heard the nursery rhyme before, but what do you do with a whole month ...

"April showers bring May flowers."

We've all heard the nursery rhyme before, but what do you do with a whole month of rainy days when you're craving spring? Instead of treating it as a month of disappointment here are 5 ways to celebrate the rainy days and even look forward to the dreary weather.

1) Photoshoot
You heard me right! Overcast days are the best even lighting for shooting your new profile picture. It's like a flattering filter from Mother Nature. Grab a friend, like I did here with Jessica Doll, and take rainy day pictures. 
Bonus: Twirling umbrellas and splashing in puddles with make you feel like a kid again 

2) Take a Scenic Drive
While you might not think an overcast day as the typical Sunday drive you'd be surprised to see how much of nature seems to wake up and expose a new face when showered on. Greens seem that much more vibrant against the wet, black roads.
Bonus: If you live by the sea this is the ideal day to look for ocean wildlife and the water will be so lovely and moody against the clouds. 

3) Stay in Bed Longer
I love waking up to the sound of thunderstorms while I cuddle in deeper to my sheets.
Bonus: Indulge in that experience a little longer with breakfast in bed and a hot cup of tea or read that book you've been meaning to get to. 

4) Have a Board Game Night
One of my favorite groups of friends to hang out with regularly invite us over for board games on a rainy day. We eat hors d'oeuvres, make cocktails, and play games while watching the rain.
Bonus: Ask everyone to bring their favorite rainy day treat or drink to share. This is how I was introduced to a wonderful coffee cocktail. 

5) Choose Your Day's Theme (Something You've Been Meaning to Do)
I find rainy days as fantastic time to set aside and do something I've been meaning to do but haven't made time for lately. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Movie Marathon - Netflix binge a show, watch old Hollywood musicals ("Singing in the Rain" anyone?), 80s romantic comedies, etc...
  • Spring Cleaning - Perfect time to spend the day working on your home going through your closets and deep cleaning. 
  • Craft Day - Get out your art supplies and finally do some of the DIYs you've saved on Pinterest.
  • Bake - Try a new recipe, make some soup from scratch, or make a hearty, cozy feeling dinner.
  • Spa Day - You can either go to a spa and get pampered or do it at home with DIY mani / pedis and face masks while wearing a fluffy robe.

How do you like to spend your rainy days?

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