Outfit of the Day: Winter Color Blocking + How to Pull It Off

col·or·block ˈkələrˌbläk/ adjective adjective:  color block (in fashion and design) denoting or relating to an item char...

adjective: color block
  1. (in fashion and design) denoting or relating to an item characterized by contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright color.

Color Block: 
A long time favorite that reached its height of popularity in the 60's (a personal style decade love) and finds its way back into our wardrobes again and again. Bold, colorful, and easier to pull off than you might think; it is often a summer or spring favorite. However, I think it is high time our cooler seasons shared the spotlight with this fun style trend. 
To help you feel more confident pulling off this look I'm sharing these 5 simple tips to help you color block your winter wardrobe like a pro!

1. Color: 
Choose your color scheme and how you want to play up the blocking. You can use contrasting colors (ex: teal and orange), similar colors (ex: aqua and light blue), primary colors (ex: red and blue), or multiple jewel tones (ex: rust, emerald, and indigo). The choices are endless!* Also, you can buy ready-to-wear color block if you don't feel up to creating your own.
"Pre-Color Blocked" Anthropologie Pieces: // Dress 1 // Dress 2 // Dress 3 // Skirt // Shoes 
*If you want more help on winning color combinations see some of my favorites for winter at the bottom of this post!

2. Pattern & Fabric: 
Choose pieces in your wardrobe that are solid colors or pre-color blocked with graphic, solid colored prints (as seen in my skirt). Occasionally, color blocking can make a look appear more casual; to counter this incorporate dressier elements-such as button-ups or luxe fabrics (velvet, silk, wool, etc). I also enjoy mixing in these pieces because they feel more "wintery" to me.

3. Shape: 
Select simple, sharp shapes; this trend is about the tailored contrasting colors. Think: pencil skirts, button ups, cropped trousers / culottes, shift dresses, silk blouses, cropped sweaters, etc). More graphic shapes, less boho / romantic.  

4. Accessories: 
Let them play a part too if you have something that would add to it! I used my red hat to really "turn up the volume" on this look and emphasize my intentional color blocking. 

5. Neutrals: 
Use neutrals to keep your look wearable and pulled together. Not everyone can pull off an entirely red and blue outfit. It's okay to use cream and black or tan to give the eye rest. If you're wearing a fuchsia blouse and rust pants, throw on nude heels and a tan cardigan and the look will suddenly feel wearable and effortless. 

Winter Color Block Combination Favorites: 

Bonus! I came across this color block outfit by Anthropologie after creating this post and wanted to include it because it's such a great example of winter color blocking. (Rust + Oxblood + Light Fuchsia / Pink?) 

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