Why Accessorizing with a Hat is the Best

If you've seen any of my fall/winter looks you'll notice my own trend of hats...everywhere! Don't get me wrong, I love wearing ...

If you've seen any of my fall/winter looks you'll notice my own trend of hats...everywhere! Don't get me wrong, I love wearing straw hats in the spring/summer but to me, when I think of cozy weather styling it's synonymous with wearing fedoras, beanies, wool caps, knit hats, berets, etc...

Hats are the cherry on top of your outfit sundae that is both stylish and practical. It keeps your head warm, shades your face, hides a bad hair day...the accessory gift that keeps giving. If you need more convincing here are my top reasons why accessorizing with a hat is the best. 

1) It makes an outfit look styled and complete

When styled right, a hat can really complete an outfit and and look as if you're tapped into street style like no one else. Like red lipstick can do for some looks, a good hat can transform and elevate your basic outfit so something that was styled, but not over the top. 

2) Who really wants to do their hair or make up anyways?* 

There are just those days when you need to get out the door or don't feel like putting on pants-let alone doing your hair or make up. A hat is the modern woman's cheat shortcut to getting ready while still looking fabulous. Skip the full blow out and put on a hat instead.

*PS: I DO NOT think anyone is required to put on make up or do their hair-but sometimes you don't feel like looking rough but still don't want to go all out with your beauty routine. 

3) It's cheaper than anti-aging cream

Hats are the centuries old solution of protecting your face from the sun. 

4) You are way overdue for a haircut or got a horrible bang trim. Shh...

We've all been victim of a bad bang trim (either self-inflicted or from an over-zealous stylist) or been way overdue for a hair cut. I usually trim my own bangs but recently got them done butchered at my salon and hats became my go-to savior until they started to grow out and not look like a 5 year old attacked me with scissors. Likewise, if you have too much grow out hats chicly hide most hair issues until you have time to get to the salon. 

5) It's a great way to show your personality or try new styles

With all the options, they're a really fun way to show off your personality. Do you like vintage? Try a netted, vintage piece. Sporty? Pair a baseball cap with braids and a moto jacket or raincoat. Retro inspired? Rock a floppy 70s influences wide brimmed hat. Paris Chic? Bonjour berets! The possibilities are endless! Test out different looks to see what suits you. 

Hopefully this convinces you of the gift of hats to us ladies and how it can really bring a look together. Let me know if you try out hats more or if you already love them! 

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