Packing for Tahoe - Winter

Packing for winter destinations can be a challenge. There is all the layers and bulk of the wonderful pieces that keep you warm. I'...

Packing for winter destinations can be a challenge. There is all the layers and bulk of the wonderful pieces that keep you warm. I'll be both traveling and hosting this holiday season. I like to pack light so I can enjoy traveling rather than lugging around heavy suitcases. It's especially important this month as I'll be on the go before turning around & immediately hosting (there's no way I'd have time to unpack a huge suitcase!) See my Tahoe packing list and traveling light tips for winter below.  

Tahoe Winter Packing List

Winter / Tahoe Packing List: 

  1. Wool Coat 
  2. Down Jacket
  3. Wool Socks
  4. Knit Cap
  5. Leather Gloves
  6. Wool Fedora 
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Leather Backpack / Purse
  9. Ankle Boots
  10. Leather Sheep Lined Snow Boots
  11. Snow Bibs
  12. Leggings
  13. Jeans
  14. T-Shirts
  15. Chunky Cashmere Cardigan 
  16. Velvet Button Up Shirt
  17. Cashmere Top
  18. Swing Top
  19. Mountain Print Sweater 
  20. Large Cashmere Pashmina Scarf
Packing Light During Winter: 

  1. Pick a Color Scheme to Mix & Match: I like neutrals like black and white with one pop of color. That way I know I can mix and match pieces to create several outfits.
  2. Plan Ahead: I plan an outfit for each day I'm on my trip-including what I'm wearing on the days I travel there and back. I also try on my outfits ahead of time to make sure they all fit still (my weight fluctuates regularly) and that the different "looks" work together. That way I know I won't over pack and bring extras I won't wear.
  3. Pack Hard Working Clothes: Pack pieces that are versatile and you can wear several ways. My leggings are perfect for lounging around, wearing as PJs on cold nights, or layering under my snow bibs if it's really cold in the snow.
  4. Choose High Quality Material, Over Bulk:  This down coat in my packing list is super warm and high quality, without being bulky. I also like high quality materials like cashmere, leather, wool, tight knits, and silks as they are great for layering and keeping things cozy and warm, all the while packing well and not taking up a lot of precious space in your bag.
  5. Wear Your Bulkiest Items There:  I'm in Tahoe for a good part of the holidays and really need to have snow boots while here. However, they are big and heavy-not great for packing light. My solution is to wear my bulkier items on the day of travel to save space in my suitcase while still getting those necessary pieces to my final destination. On the day of traveling to Tahoe I wore my jeans, snow boots, wool coat, and felt fedora hat as they are the bulkiest items on my packing list and don't pack well shoved in a suitcase. Viola! Problem solved. 

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