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It's the most wonderful time of the year...and I can't believe it's already here. I have barely had time to do my holiday sho...

It's the most wonderful time of the year...and I can't believe it's already here. I have barely had time to do my holiday shopping this year and Christmas is only days away! My cousin got married this weekend in Tahoe-so instead of shopping for all those on my "Nice List" I drank my share of spiked mulled cider or eggnog and roasted marshmallows over the fire with my very large family in the Sierra Mountains. Aka: Bliss.

Even though I still have some gift giving to do with little to no time left, I am excited! I love to give thoughtful presents to friends and family. I think gifts are a great way of showing you care, but also creating a shared moment between one another. For example, my cousin and I scrapbooked together over this summer and got into crafts. So, to show I really enjoyed that time with her I created a personalized "craft bag" for her filled with DIY kits and craft goods. I like to think of those in my life and personalize the gifts to things they love.

For the Spa Lover: 

All of these gift guides may or may not contain things that I would buy for myself-but I was thinking of one of my closest girlfriends when I created this set. She loves essential oils, natural beauty products, and quality, locally sourced goods. My personal favorites (I use them daily) are the local Bay Area Etta + Billie products and Turkish cotton towels.

Gift Guide: For the Spa Lover

  1. Etta + Billie Lotions & Body Scrubs
    These make my skin feel so smooth and buttery. They do the perfect job of exfoliating while deeply moisturizing your skin. I love the fresh scents from the different scrubs and lotions (lavender, ginger, lemongrass, etc) and the local lady boss behind this brand.
  2. Essential Oil Diffuser
    Between the cold weather and dry heat I love the idea of having this in your home to diffuse essential oils for health as well as acting as a humidifier. I'd feel as if I lived in a spa. Besides, the changing LED lights and soothing oils would really help combat holiday stress.  
  3. Wooden Paddle Brush
    Great for massaging your body. Helps unclog pores to release toxins 
  4. Travel Spray
    I like the idea of bringing a portable spa experience with you while you travel. Having a special scent that calms and soothes that you can spray anywhere you go is like having a tiny spa to go in your bag. 
  5. Turkish Cotton Towels
    I love how little space these towels take while still feeling luxurious. I use them daily in my bathroom and even have bigger ones I take to the beach with me.  
  6. Voluspa Tin Candle
    This is one of my favorite candle brands I discovered ~10yrs ago and still love to this day. The scents are lovely and fragrant-without ever feeling overpowering. Luxury candles can really make you feel like you're being pampered and spoiled. 
  7. Organic Cotton Spa Robe
    I don't know if there is anything that screams, "Spa," more than a fluffy cotton robe. This super soft robe is made of organic cotton and folds up well to take the spa wherever you go. 
  8. Spa Experience Gift Tin
    Rather than putting together your own spa kit to give this is all ready to go with the best of portable spa experiences in a cute tin. 
  9. Essential Oils
    Not only are they personal and relaxing but they can instantly soothe, enliven, or balance both body and mind. 
  10. Fig + Yarrow Sea Salt Scrub
    I love how this scrub leaves you feeling soft and like you just had a whole body spa treatment. It's so pampering and perfect. 
For the Travel Lover:

I inherited my wanderlust from my mother, so this list is dedicated to her. She LOVES to travel and it re-energizes her like nothing else. I love gifting to my fellow travel lovers because I can really appreciate how these little gifts can really improve their travels, as well as hope they may remember how much I care about them whenever they use it. I would want to steal the inflatable travel pillow (my last one finally gave out) and the cashmere travel set, because who wouldn't want that!?!

Gift Guide: For the Travel Lover
  1. Cashmere Travel Set
    So ridiculously soft and luxurious. The perfect travel set to make you feel at home and comfy on those long flights or when jet lagged and adjusting to the time changes. It comes with a sleeping mask, scarf, long socks, and cashmere bag.
  2. Transparent Travel Phone Case
    I like how minimal, but cute this is. This slim case has a impact-resistant outer shell that protects your device from scratch, drops and dust-which is perfect if you are a frequent traveler like me. This would make me smile every time I looked at it and feel inspired to travel.
  3. Leather Luggage Tag
    Soft leather that is really durable and chic. Smarten up your suitcases and carry-ons with this handcrafted leather luggage tag, detailed with meticulous stitching, hand-painted edges and a signature brand stamp.
  4. Fossil Leather Passport Case
    Upgrade your on-board experience with this sleek leather passport case. The luxe and minimal design is stylish and classic. 
  5. Fresh Lip Balm
    My lips always dry out so much when I travel. Fresh Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy smoothes dry lips with a refreshing sugar mint flavor and wild mango butter to help protect and soften your puckers.
  6. Weekender Bag
    Versatile, minimal, and stylish. This could be a gender neutral present that will be used over and over again for ages. Unless I'm traveling for long periods of time I always always travel with a sleek weekender bag and never regret it.
  7. Inflatable Travel Pillow
    These are perfect for long journeys or red eyes when you need to catch some sleep or a place to rest your head. I prefer inflatable over memory foam because once you're done you can deflate it and fold it up to fit in a pocket sized bag-so it fits with my travel light lifestyle. Bonus: with inflatable you can choose the softness or firmness to your personalized liking. 
  8. Wool Scarf
    Made from 100% soft lambs wool-this was one of the 10 things I never travel without. Perfect to keep you warm through transitioning climates as you travel, can act as a blanket while on a chilly plane, and triples as a stylish accessory to complete any outfit. 
  9. Gunmetal Headphones
    Minimal, stylish, and sleek; these headphones are perfect for traveling. Not only do they block outside noise but their collapsible design allows them to fit easily in your bag wherever your travels take you.
  10. Soft Leather Phone Charger Wallet
    Another of my 10 things I never travel without: I always bring portable chargers on my journeys. The leather wallet comes with a power bank that has a 4000 mAH battery (produces 2 full charges), a micro USB input port and USB output port, and a small leather Stowaway envelope to hold tiny mementoes. Bonus: The arrives packaged in a smart branded gift box and dust bag, so no wrapping required! 
For the Shibori Lover:

An ancient Japanese dying technique gets translated to the 21st century with these adorable presents. I have to admit, I'm obsessed with all of these. I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite when I want every single one! (PS: I might be the Shibori lover in my own life, but I also have some friends I know these would also be perfect for).

Gift Guide: For the Shibori Lover
  1. Shibori Print Crop Top
    I love how the minimal and structured elements of this top balance the bohemian shibori dye pattern. This is perfect to wear year round-with a crisp white skirt for summer or as a layering piece in the winter.
  2. Dyed Wool Scarf
    While Shibori is often associated with summer, this soft, handwoven wool scarf is so warm and cozy it is perfect for wearing throughout the cold weather or doubling as a shawl for holiday parties. 
  3. Shibori Tumbler
    Simple stoneware with a decorative flair. This can also serve as a unique pencil cup for office space. 
  4. Indigo + White Throw Pillow
    Cotton and linen blend that is soft and light. This add a smart pop of blue to any room. 
  5. Madewell x Food52 Cocktail Napkin Set
    These o-so-giftable goodies would make anyone want to host a happy hour. Crafted locally in Oakland, this set of four cotton cocktail napkins are hand dyed with natural indigo (you get two of each design). Use them as coasters, pop them under a vase of flowers—self-gifting is a thing too, just saying.
  6. Shibori Phone Case
    This minimalist iPhone 6 case was designed by Emma Fineman for Casetify. It's so happy and bright-just think of the joy it will bring your loved one each time they pick up their phone 
  7. Indigo Shibori Style Mudcloth Christmas Stocking
    I love that these one of a kind stockings really show off someone's personal style. Pick and choose different ones to mix and match to create a eclectic look above the fireplace. 
  8. Indigo Paddle Cactus Art Print
    Perfect for the friend that is head over heels for the cactus home trend right now, but still crazy for blue and minimalism (ahem, like me). 
  9. Women's Indigo Dye Socks
    Support a small business while enjoying these super cute dyed socks. 
  10. Vera Wang Indigo Ombre Dishware
    Modern and minimal indigo ombre dishware pattern that can be used for daily use or dressed up for more formal dinners as well. 

Are you already done with your Holiday shopping, or are you scrambling last minute like I am? 
Do you see any presents you'd like for yourself?
Do you know what you want for Christmas this year?

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