Fall Bucket List

California seems to want to skip fall altogether this year and that just breaks my heart. So before the whole world is taken over by "...

California seems to want to skip fall altogether this year and that just breaks my heart. So before the whole world is taken over by "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas," I'm putting together my fall bucket list for my favorite season. Let me know if I'm missing anything!
(PS: Anything I've already done that was on my list is crossed out)

The Abstract Life Fall Bucket List: 
  1. Pumpkin Craft
  2. Donate to a Foodbank
  3. Make S'Mores
  4. Friendsgiving 
  5. Go on a Bike Ride 
  6. Drink Apple Cider
  7. Make Halloween Costumes
  8. Make Something "Pumpkin"
  9. Walk Through Piles of Leaves
  10. Fall Picnic
  11. Sing in the Rain (Jump in Puddles)
  12. Bake Pies
  13. Pumpkin Patch (This didn't happen, but I did make it to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and searched through their selection to find the perfect pumpkins...so kind of like a pumpkin patch).
  14. Make Mulled Cider
  15. Halloween Party
  16. Watch Halloween Wars & Halloween Baking Championship (A MUST)
  17. Burn Fall Scented Candles (Check and double check! Scents: Spiced Latte, Pumpkin Spiced Sugar, and Vanilla Spice) 
  18. Halloween Decorations
  19. Pick Persimmons (At Grandma's) 
  20. Star Gazing 
  21. Go Hiking
  22. Crush on No-Shave-November Results (What? I like facial hair!).
  23. Read 10 Books (5 Down, 5 to Go)
  24. Shop for New Fall Wardrobe (Guilty. Oops...I mean done).
  25. Oktoberfest
  26. Make Homemade Soup
  27. Try New Crockpot Recipe(s)
  28. Scenic Fall Drive
  29. Make a List of Things I'm Thankful For
  30. Make Homemade Popcorn
  31. Fall Festival
  32. Road Trip
  33. Have a Fall Photoshoot
  34. Bring Seasonal Coffee to a Friend
  35. Go for a Crisp Morning Run
  36. Host a Fall Brunch
  37. Wear Something Plaid
  38. Design Thanksgiving Table Setting
  39. Bake Cookies 
  40. Cozy Up with Coffee / Tea in Bed

What's on your fall bucket list? 
Did I miss anything? 
What are your top favorites?
Which one is the one thing you really have to do in order for it to "feel like fall"? (Mine would have to be drinking cider, walking through piles of colorful leaves, and going on a drive to see all the foliage) 

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  1. Agreed about CA. I spent time by the pool yesterday - which is great but also sad haha. I like your list! I'm thinking maybe in January it'll start feeling like fall :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I love nice weather but I really miss the east coast "fall." I was born in the Bay Area but I spent enough of my life in the Northeast that I just want plaid, hot cider, apple picking, and trees full of pretty pretty colors! What are some things you do make things feel more like fall, despite the weather?