30 Things I'm Thankful for this November

There has been a lot of ups and downs this year in my life and I think even for America and most of the communities I am a part of. ...

There has been a lot of ups and downs this year in my life and I think even for America and most of the communities I am a part of. Sometimes it can be easy to focus on the negatives rather than what we have and are grateful for. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and striving to focus on the positive I journaled what became a list of 30 things I'm thankful for this November (and really, all year). 
  1. Love of My Life: I've been so blessed with the love of a man who cherishes me and thinks about and acts often around my needs and heart. We balance and compliment one another and are experiencing love and trust that we have never found in anyone else. I am so grateful for this gift.
  2. Family: My family has helped shape who I am and how I approach life. I've learned something unique from each member. My father is a leader in his acts of service for others, my mother constantly demonstrates unrivaled compassion and grace (I can only strive to love others as she does), my sister is a warrior of strength through adversity and pain and protector to those she loves, and my brother is forever finding ways to make others smile and show affection. I take each of their best as blessings I carry with me daily.  
  3. Friends: I have such loving and fun friends. I am so grateful to those that have listened to what is on my heart when I am in need of a compassionate ear. As well as to those that challenge me when I am in need of it, even if I don't see it at first. I love every single laugh we've shared, stupid messages and Snapchats we send one another, and every revealed wish. Without this chosen family I would not be as rich with life.  
  4. My Readers / Followers: Thank you so much to YOU! Thank you for following my blog and IG and investing your precious time in what I am doing. I really appreciate it. 
  5. My Apartment: After some horrible living experiences I am so happy in my beautiful and safe home. I have meticulously styled my home in a way that brings me joy everyday when I wake up and get to relish it. I have never lived in such a nice place and am so aware of the blessing it is. 
  6. California Living: I can drive along the most stunning coast or to the dramatic mountains and grand forests or to the storybook wine countries in a single day. I am able to experience the best this country has to offer and look out my window each day at the natural beauty California possesses. Additionally, I love the more laid back and simple lifestyle I've learned while living here. Getting out more, going on adventures, having less-it's all freed me up to enjoy life fully.  
  7. House Plants: Short note, I've become a plant lady (think cat lady, but with plants). I love them.  I am a Jungalow chick. My apartment is full of them (see my bedroom's Fiddle Leaf Fig pictured in this post). 
  8. Mentors: Thank you to those who have taken the time to invest in me and my future. I learn much from you and appreciate the words of wisdom, life experience, and help in developing myself into who I want to become. Your time is so valuable to me. 
  9. Fall / Nature: Everything about fall invigorates me. The colors, the weather, pumpkins, leaves, hot tea, etc... It really makes me slow down and reflect on life while giving me the inspiration to get outside to be in touch with nature and go on adventures. 
  10. Flowers: I've made a goal of having more flowers or foliage in my home this year. It's really cheered up my space while artistically challenged me while coming up with new ways to arrange them. #FridayFlowers
  11. Creativity: I am SO SO SO SO thankful for my imagination and natural creativity. It adds so much wonder and color to my life. It is a huge part of my identity and I don't know where I'd be without it. 
  12. Artistic Community: To my fellow painters, crafters, artists, writers, makers, and doers. Thank you for your support and love. Thank you to those who have asked, "Why?" or "How?" so you could innovate and add to this world. 
  13. Travel: This is a big part of my life now and has really helped me grow and become more innovative. I'm developing new points of view and seeing the world through new eyes. Plus, I really love to go on adventures now. 
  14. My Job: So grateful to the opportunities my job has given me in life and where it has taken me. I have developed a greater sense of self and confidence through my work and learning to "lean in." 
  15. Freedom: Thank you to those who fight for our freedom, in whatever shape or form it is that you do it. I am so thankful to live in a country where I can vote and have the liberties that I do. I am praying for our country as we go through growing pains and new discoveries. 
  16. Candles, fuzzy socks, a hot cup of tea on a gray day, and a good book
  17. Flexible Work Options: Being able to move to the Bay Area and pursue technology and trends in Silicon Valley has been amazing. I love that over the last two years I've been able to work from home as a majority and have flexibility in my work options to find the best work : life balance that I can. It's afforded me so many new opportunities and self growth. 
  18. Crafts / DIYs: These make me really happy and help destress my hectic mind and life at times. 
  19. My Faith / Church Community: My faith is a big part of who I am and how I approach life. I am so thankful for God's grace and the church community I've experienced in California. It has been only filled with love and radical hospitality and open minds and hearts. To those who supported me in times of need and prayed for me when I couldn't turn anywhere else-thank you.  
  20. Blogging Community: Such a rad group of women. These ladies are so talented, fun, and so full of life that they have to blog about. I am thankful to those who encourage and support me and for the help and advise so generously offered. 
  21. My Wardrobe: Eek. I know this sounds superficial-but I love my clothes. From a point in my past of not being able to afford any new clothes for five years I am especially thankful I have the capability to cultivate my wardrobe now and express myself through my personal style.  
  22. Interior Decor: Again, I love being able to express myself creatively through this outlet and showcase my skills. Thank you to those who have allowed me to become their interior decorator and design their places. I've enjoyed working with you and, hopefully, making your house a home. 
  23. Instagram: I wasn't heavily into IG until I started blogging more regularly. It's now become a wonderful marketing tool and opened doors for me within the blogging community. I've been creatively challenged to develop my feed as a personal brand and, in turn, become better at business development. It's also been a fantastic tool to keep up with those I love around the world and feel connected to their lives in a way I wouldn't have had otherwise. 
  24. Pinterest: This. Is. My. JAM! I could write pages on how much I love Pinterest and think it's exceptional from a business and personal perspective. I use it for quick breaks when I need to clear my head or for inspiration as I create. It's been an incredible tool for sharpening my imagination and sparking creativity. 
  25. Reading / Writing: I struggled with reading early on due to LDs and dyslexia. My mother forced me to read out loud to her everyday for hours until I improved. I slowly came to love reading and saw it for the gift it is. Now, I am an avid reader and can't imagine my life without it. Consequently, I am constantly writing and expressing myself through words while journaling, blogging, writing articles, or short stories. My mind is a complicated, whirling dance of stories and thoughts until I put it down on paper. I think this is one of biggest things in my life I can thank my mother for helping me cultivate and appreciate. 
  26. Painting my nails and constantly giving myself a fun, quick new look
  27. Photography: Learning a lot of new skills this last year and growing my portfolio as a photographer. I am thankful to be able to look back and see my improvement over the last twelve months, and excited to see what the next twelve will be like. 
  28. Mininalism(ish): Having what I need and love and living with less clutter has significantly reduced stress in my life and made it so much easier to enjoy and keeping up with. Thank being said, I still wouldn't say I live fully minimal-but it's a nice goal to work towards. 
  29. Having a dependable and nice, new car (come a long way from my '89 Corolla) 
  30. Parties + Celebrations!: I love being able to entertain and celebrate things. It's beyond fun to me and I love that we can all come together to have a party and appreciate different times of the year (like Thanksgiving, and what we're thankful for!). 
Thanks for reading (or skimming over, realistically) what I am thankful for. I hope it lifts you up and helps you focus on the things that matter in your life as well. 

What are you thankful for this November / Thanksgiving? 

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