10 Things I Never Travel Without

With all my travels a common question I get asked is what I pack (especially since I only do carry on) when I go to different locations for...

With all my travels a common question I get asked is what I pack (especially since I only do carry on) when I go to different locations for myriad occasions. Whether I'm going to Vegas for work or to Chicago for a friend's wedding here is a list of 10 things I almost never travel without.  

1. Tech Kit: Portable USB Charger, Headphones, & iPhone Charger. I always run out of power faster than I ever planned when I travel. Portable chargers have saved the day more than once. Headphones are a must for travel! I use them to either listen to music or audiobooks or at the very least look like I can't talk if I'm traveling by myself and don't want to be hit on. 

2. Book(s) or Kindle: I'm a huge reader so maybe this isn't on everyone's list. However, I consider this as "entertainment." So whether that's a book, magazine, or even a movie on your iPad bring it and enjoy yourself. 

3. Camera: If I'm going somewhere I'll be really active and/or am afraid I may get wet I leave my Canon at home and just use my iPhone (as I did with this year's trip to Disney). Either way though, I'm never without a camera. 

4. Clean Up Kit: Hand Sanitizer, Tide To Go Pen, & Lint Roller. If you're as accident prone as me a stain remover pen is a life saver. Additionally, when I travel I'm hyperconscious of germs and taking care of my health. When you aren't able to wash your hands sanitizer is so useful in protecting yourself from goodness knows what.  

5. Beauty Kit: Nail File, Moisturizer, & Lip Balm. Nothing is worse than having a hang nail or one nail breaking at a precarious angle and everything keeps snagging on it. Bring a file. Moisturizer and lip balm are important for when you travel because planes and hotels' AC/Heating create a lot of dry air that zaps your skin and face. 

6. Snacks: Because when am I ever not hungry? But seriously, with my allergies I often don't have any options on plane rides or hate having to wait between meals when I'm jet lagged and hangry. Snacks are life.

7. Sunglasses: Whether they are there to hide the bags under my eyes or to block the sun = Necessary. 

8. Large Purse or Tote / Backpack: I pack a tote as my "under the seat" carry on with all the aforementioned things I always bring when I travel. It acts as a extra suitcase and then when you get to where you are going you can unpack it and use it as a purse while out and about. It doesn't hurt that you can use it to easily tote things when you're out shopping for souvenirs.  

9. A Scarf: Is there a more versatile and hard working item you could pack??? I use a scarf as a blanket or pillow on plane rides, accessories as a scarf, bathing suit cover ups, wrap for cold hotel rooms...the list goes on and on! 

10. Leggings: I always like to have something to lounge around in the hotel / AirBnB. Besides, if you feel like you need work out you can wear these or throw on a tunic shirt and wear them as pants to extend your wardrobe. Lastly, they are amazing to wear for long flights (hello stretch and comfort!). 

Do you have your go to items when you pack? If so, what are they? 

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