Where to Go this Weekend: Kelseyville, CA

I love getting away to Northern California's countryside to visit my grandmother in downtown Kelseyville. The charming small historic...

I love getting away to Northern California's countryside to visit my grandmother in downtown Kelseyville. The charming small historic town has everything from lake views, wineries, and old rustic barns and churches. It's a wonderful place to get away for the weekend with it being only a few hours away from the Bay Area-but seeming worlds apart. In the fall the pear and wine harvests and festivals take place just as the hills turn orange and gold. Come spring, the countryside is covered in "snow" made up of white pear blossoms. This mountain valley oasis sits below Mountain Konocti along the shores of Clear Lake. Find out below what some of my favorite things are to do while visiting. 


Maint Street: 
You can't beat the charm of a stroll on Main Street. White picket fences (yes, they seriously have those. Doesn't get much more small town cutesie than that!) covered in grape vines, old rustic churches with tall steeples, historic buildings covered with vines, and signs advertising for fresh farm eggs or "No Parkin" are just some of the quaint, picturesque elements you'll pass by.  

While there are several places to get "a cold one" in Kellseyville, my cousins brought me to one of their favorite local hangs outs-Kelsey Creek Brewing- during my last visit. They claim it serves and brews some of the best beers in the county. AND! If you can't drink beer (like me) don't feel left out! Kelsey Creek Brewing has a great selection of wine and sodas. My favorite part was that they served free popcorn and shelled peanuts that they encouraged us to throw on the ground when we were done (every kid's dream! THROW FOOD!). The brewery doesn't serve food (aside from popcorn/peanuts), but they welcome anyone to bring their own or order something nearby downtown and have it delivered. 
Kelsey Creek Brewing 
3945 Main Street Kelseyville, CA 95451 

(A favorite thing for my grandmother and I to do together if we're not deep into a cup of coffee and a discussion). We always love to hunt for little treasures and celebrate our finds. Dusty, the owner, is very helpful and knowledgeable. 
Dusty's Top Drawer 
3965 Main Street Kelseyville, CA 95451 

Kelseyville has a very relaxed, casual style going for it-so I could see how it would be difficult to have a successful fashion boutique. However, I like what Oak Boutique is doing for women's style. They have really cute jewelry (hello delicate cactus necklaces!) and accessories. 
Oak Boutique
3940 Main Street Kelseyville, CA  95451 
IG: @oak.boutique

Local farm to table style menu. 
Saw Shop Gallery Bistro 
3825 Main Street. Kelseyville, CA 95451 

Wine / Olive Oil: 
Check out this boutique winery's downtown wine and olive oil tasting room. They offer "Sauvignon Blancs, Rose, Cabernets, Zinfandels, Merlots and beautiful Bordeaux blends." 
Apocalypse Wines LLC / Smiling Dogs Ranch 
3955 Main Street Kelseyville, CA 95451

I love to start the day with a downtown walk that ends with coffee at Studebakers. They have seating in the front if you like to people watch or stare at the mountains over a cup of coffee, or you can go the back patio to enjoy the privacy and herb gardens. 
Studebaker's Coffee House & Deli 
3990 Main Street. Kelseyville, CA 95451 

Quilt Trail: 
You may have noticed the painted quilts in some of these pictures. It's all a part of the Quilt Trail project (the first in California), where quilt squares are painted on barns and buildings throughout the county. It is celebrates and promotes community pride in agriculture and tourism. You can find out more about this project here: www.lakecountyquilttrail.com
Pictured: "Pole Star" (above Polestar Computers) and "Blossoms And Berries" (above Studebakers)

Do you ever crave a weekend of countryside or small town living? What season would you best like to visit? What do you like to do to get away? What seems the most charming to you? What is your favorite part, typically, of a historic town? Have you been to Kelseyville or Lake County before? If so, what are your favorites or recommendations?

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  1. Love those charming little towns. Something for everyone to see and do.

    1. Yes! Such a great way to escape and you don't feel overwhelmed with trying to make sure you see everything. It's all at a nice, slow pace.

  2. I love your post. I live in a small village in the UK, on the coast, and I love the countryside and visiting quaint villages. I would have to say I like small cafés best, and country pubs with open fires after a long walk with my dog. I have been to California a number of times and I love it, but I haven't visited the places you mention. I love the idea of the Quilt Trail!

    1. Your village sounds adorable and picturesque! Cafés with a book are the best. I've never been to a country pub with an open fire but I now want to!
      Whenever you come to California there is so much to see and it can be hard to pick! However, if you come again you should absolutely check out Lake County / Kelseyville or drive up the Northern California coast and stop through the small towns and sites along the water.

  3. This looks like just my kind of day trip! There is nothing better than checking out old, historic places, and Kelseyville looks like it has charm to spare. Your photos are beautiful also. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Cait! I really appreciate the encouragement.
      And yes, Kelseyville is a small town with big charm. :) If you live in Northern California you should definitely make it a weekend getaway. If you aren't local, if you ever get a chance to visit NorCal you could make it a road trip and stop through places either along the coast on HWY1 or through the mountains (like Lake County / Kelseyville).

  4. This is such a flashback! I remember going out Kelseyville and Clear Lake when my grandma was up there! I definitely need to make a weekend trip and check out this adorable town again!

    1. Aww! We have to chat about this sometime! What a great coincidence to both have grandmas at one point up in Lake County. I wonder if they knew each others families?
      You should absolutely go! You could go boating, hiking, cycling, to the wineries, or just "mosey" about the small downtowns. :)

  5. What an adorable town! I love the way your photos illustrate it's charm. I've gotta get up north more often :)