Outfit of the Day: Striped Dresses + Style Tips on How to Wear Them

Goal:  This summer I've wanted to take every advantage to wear shorts and dresses. This linen/cotton mixed dress is the perfect...

This summer I've wanted to take every advantage to wear shorts and dresses. This linen/cotton mixed dress is the perfect piece for a sweltering day: light, swingy and all things summery!

Outfit of the Day: 
I LOVE wearing stripes. They're "my thing." However, I often struggle with finding a striped dress that is flattering to my pear shape while not making me look extra wide or frumpy. I chose this dress for the A-Line cut hitting at my waist and the changing striped patterns. The horizontal stripes flatter my chest while the A-Line vertically striped skirt smoothes over my wide hips/large derriere and adds length to my legs. I chose a citrus colored belt to highlight my waist and the stylish change of striped pattern. 

Style Tips:
When choosing stripes know your body type. Stripes can hurt or highlight your figure-depending how they're used. They create an illusion to the eye that can widen or lengthen parts of your body based on the direction they go. If you're pear shaped like me, a dress like this is a great option. If you're boyish, don't be afraid to wear a t-shirt dress or a body-con dress to create the illusion of curves (like this or this). If you are apple shaped avoid horizontal stripes across your chest and/or mid section-as this will only exaggerate your shape. Instead, go for vertical stripes on top and horizontal on bottom (like this or this). If you're hourglass...Honey, don't worry about it. We all hate you, but you'll look incredible in anything. ;) 

Outfit Occasion:
Lunch and exploring downtown Los Gatos with my boyfriend, Mr. Darcy. :) 

Get the Look: 
Bracelet: Vintage

Do you feel comfortable wearing stripes or do they intimidate you? 

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  1. What an adorable summer dress.

    - Cait | http://www.prettyandfun.com

    1. Thanks Cait! It's been fun to wear it and making different outfits based on what accessories I change things up with

  2. LIGHT = the best word to use to describe the type of clothing I want to wear in the summer. I want to feel as though I am naked ;) This dress looks like it could get the job done!

    1. Thanks Gigi! Yes, this is the dress for the job in that case. Haha. Breathable and light is a MUST for summer clothing.