10 Tips & Tricks for Wearing Summer Shoes (+ Keep Feet Healthy)

It's summer, and you want to wear your new FANTASTIC open toed shoes and celebrate the warm weather-but 10 minutes into the garden...

It's summer, and you want to wear your new FANTASTIC open toed shoes and celebrate the warm weather-but 10 minutes into the garden party your shoes are starting to feel less fantastic and more fatal. Your options are to take them off and walk around like barefoot barbarian or to hobble around begging the goddess of shoes to kill you and end the misery. No bueno.

I have gotten so many blisters from stupid shoes in my life (especially in repeat spots) that I'm surprised parts of my feet haven't turned to leather. Horrible as that would be-part of me is going, "Actually, that would solve all my problems. Either they wouldn't get blisters anymore from shoes in those spots OR these extremities turn into hobbit feet and I can do away with all shoes forever!!!" MWHAHAHAHAA.


To avoid hobbit syndrome and/or wishing death I've put together a collection of tips and tricks for being able to wear your fantastic shoes AND still keep your tender feet happy and healthy.

1. Don't Buy Bad Shoes: First step to preventing issues is to not buy crap shoes. If they're especially strappy or have pieces that will rub against your skin try to get leather or natural material shoes. Manufactured materials wear faster and can leave your feet exposed to raw materials that rub and irritate the skin. Bonus Tip: For heels look at how close the heel is to sole. The closer it is the more uncomfortable and harder to walk it will be.
2. REALLY Try On Shoes: Shoes that feel comfy for those 30 seconds you look at them in the store mirror may not actually feel all that great when you get home and have to wear them for longer than it took for you to take out your credit card. Walk around in them at the store for a while. Stand in them in one spot. Do they hurt? Do they slip? Do the balls of your feet feel bad after standing in place (think of all those cocktail hours where you want to listen to whatever Sarah is saying, but all you can think of is how badly you want to sit because standing sucks in heels)? Really try them on in the store and get a feel for their comfort and contour to your feet.
3. There is No Such Thing As Breaking Shoes In (sort of): For the most part, shoes that you have to "break in" means they don't fit you. Exceptions would be leather or other goods that actaully do need to soften and weather a bit to form a shape. Those shoes will take on the shape/groves of your feet (but this can be a case by case scenerio). Also, keep in mind that if you are shopping earlier in the day your feet won't be as swollen as they will be at night. READ: So if they are snug earlier in the day when you're shopping and you think you can "break them in" then you will be miserable wearing them for evenings or all day occasions. Think about if the shoes have the room and give for when your feet swell. Because swell they will! Time of day, standing around, summer heat, eating salty foods, or drinking are all contributing factors to your feet's size throughout the day.
4. Corn Cushions for Toes: This is perfect for both preventative and post blister care. If you have a particular area that you know that one pair always gives you blisters (my baby toe is often the target) put a self sticking corn  cushion where the blister would potentially pop up. If you already have a blister it can be too painful to wear certain shoes with just a band-aid. The cushions give some relief if you put it directly over the blister and cover it with a band-aid to double secure it. Find ones like the Dr. Scholl's seen here.
5. Use Pretty Much Any/All Dr. Scholl's Blister/Foot Care: I get a lot of blisters or just skin rubbed completely raw on the back of my foot where my Achille's heel is (ironic, I know). Using Dr. Scholl's Blister Treatment or moleskin over areas that get a lot of friction helps SOO MUCH. You can also put the moleskin directly onto the shoes and cut them to size for reusable relief. Cannot. Stress. How. Great. Find these and others like them here

6. Fight the Foul: If your shoes start to smell (not surprising considering how much we sweat during the summer) put dry tea bags inside them overnight or even over the weekend. It absorbs the odor and can even leave your shoes smelling fresh. Other suggestions are to use baby/talcum powder or foot powder. Using powders also helps with keeping your feet dry the next time you wear the shoes and absorbs future sweat/odors.
7. No More Slip and Slide: Summer party slip and slide? SURE! As long as it isn't referring to your shoes. Lightly score the bottom of your shoes with a knife or scissors or use sandpaper or your concrete sidewalk to roughen up the soles and create friction. If you are in a real time crunch you can also spray hairspray on the bottoms for a little extra "stick."
8. Keep Your Adidas Poppin'! I seem to be my messiest or most prone to scuff my footwear when I am wearing white or pastels shoes. I keep my Adidas Originals white (and looking like they are owned by some responsible adult other than me) with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge (found here). Water + the sponge is usually enough. If I need an extra "boost" to get a stain out I add a little (starting with 1/4-1/2 tsp) OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover (found here). Voila!
9. Pedicures: For your feet's health get or give yourself regular pedicures. Too long toenails can turn into ingrown nails and make it impossible to comfortably wear any shoes. If they get too ingrown the only solution could be surgical removal. No thanks.
10. Pamper: Open skin on your feet is especially vulnerable to infections with blisters/cuts/cracks. If you have any open wounds on your feet be sure to cover them with Neosporin and band-aids when you leave the house. Also be sure to gently wash your feet/wounds when you come home at night to remove any bacteria. Exfoliating and moisturizing feet not only makes your feet look 100Xs better in your sandals but it helps prevent blisters and cracked heels. Make your job easier by putting lotion on your feet before bed with socks on. You'll wake up with softer skin ready to exfoliate. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for shoes or feet? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I LOVE me some pedicures! I go maybe once every 2 months, but I really should and want to go like every day! haha!

    1. Haha. Wouldn't that be the dream??? To be able to have your feet massaged and pampered every day? I don't go very often to a salon (mostly at home pedicures) but when I do...MAN! I LOVE IT.

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