Spring is in the Air: Cleaning Your Workspace

Tulips, Tips, & Tricks   Spring is in the air and I'm starting my lazy girl version of spring cleaning. This weekend I tackle...

Tulips, Tips, & Tricks  
Spring is in the air and I'm starting my lazy girl version of spring cleaning. This weekend I tackled my workspace and it's so much nicer to have a fresh, "new" space to work out of. This is where I spend the majority of my day. I work from my home office, often eat at my desk, and commonly write for the blog here. It does double duty of day job and off time office hours. So mess is a understandable result of the time spent at my desk. However, when it gets to be too much it really can distract me. I have ADD and it can be extremely hard to concentrate when I have clutter and mess surrounding me. I find clear workspaces really free up my mind both creatively and constructively. Here are a few tips and tricks to clean up your office and give it a "touch of spring." 

Toss It
Trash or recycle your used napkins, sketch paper, or whatever other disposables you're housing. 

Relocate to Things to Their Proper Homes
If you're like me, you need to put away your purse, earrings, and a half dozen other things in their proper places around your home. Don't let them keep renting space on your desk. OR, if they really do seem to "live" there best, find them a proper space in your office and embrace that is where they go now. 

Update Your Pile, The Rest You File (Paperwork)
This is usually the biggest mess in my office. I write dozens of notes and to-do lists. However, the ones I currently need aren't usually easy to find because I have a bunch of old ones cluttering my space. I threw out those I didn't need, filed important documents or receipts, and organized those that I'm leaving out in a neat pile because I'll need them this week. I'm promising myself that I'll sort through this pile at the end of each week so I don't have to wait until next spring (we'll see how that goes). 

You don't need half the stuff you have lying around your office (probably). Those books you keep telling yourself that you will read this quarter about professional growth or strategic leadership are just haunting you and making you feel stressed and guilty that you haven't and won't find the time to do so. Donate them or find the digital version of them. Tip: if you don't want to pay, libraries have e-books and audio books now that you can check out for free. Use your Kindle Reader (pictured) or computer to read or listen to those books you've been meaning to get to. It removes the subconscious stress from your daily life and gives you more accessible ways to achieve your goals. Only keep things on your desk or in your office that have meaning to you and lend to your productivity and cheerful spirit (This means knick knacks and decor too!).

Tools of the Trade
You seriously don't need that many writing utensils. If you went around your house and collected all the writing utensils into one place you probably could write for a month straight and still have enough things to write with. Check that they are still good. Toss the duds, donate the duplicates, and put the ones you keep in a cup or easy to reach space on/in your desk. Keep them all in one place so you know how many you have and when you need to get more. Check the rest of your supplies you need to restock (I had to get more alcohol wipes for sanitizing my phones and keyboards). Check your mouse and keyboard batteries. Change them if they're low. Tie your loose wires together so they are neat and clean. Get your tools of the trade in order.

Wipe down your surfaces, dust, sanitize, vacuum, etc. Your space is in order now, so just do the usual or deep cleaning-whatever suits your fancy. 

Touch of Spring
Flowers always brighten up a space and just scream spring to me. I added a vase of fresh buds to my desk and it makes me smile all day as I look at them while on the phone. Swap out your usual family photos for your recent Easter pictures. You can also switch out some usual art with watercolors of flowers or something that speaks of spring to you. If it makes you feel happy, fresh, and productive then put your final touch on your space! 

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