My Week of Juice Cleansing with Pressed Juicery - Day 5

Happy National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day!!!  Day 5 When I was told this was going on during my week long cleanse I was so excited. It...

Happy National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day!!! 

Day 5

When I was told this was going on during my week long cleanse I was so excited. It was meant to be! In honor of this recent discovery I'm going to talk about my favorite juice chain-Pressed Juicery.


Pressed Juicery is California's leading cold-pressed juice chain. It was founded by three friends in 2010 out of LA. They came with a vision of promoting health awareness and the nutrition of fresh juices to others with the ease and ability to incorporate it in everyday life.

Where/How Can I Get Pressed Juicery? 

They started off small and now have grown to have locations (either presently or coming soon) in Southern California, Northern California, Las Vegas, NY, Hawaii, and Seattle. Don't live in those areas? Don't worry about it! I have the benefit of their being local and can go pick up my own juices (which is cheaper). However, Pressed Juicery offers nationwide delivery or door delivery if you're local (DoorDash and Postmates).

Cleanses Offered

They currently offer three different levels of cleanses based on your needs or newness to juicing. The discretion is up to you. Think Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear here.

Cleanse 1 - Meant for beginners or those with higher caloric or protein needs or people who get hangry (angry + hungry). This would be the Mama Bear Cleanse for most people.
Cleanse 2 - I'm calling this the Baby Bear Cleanse. It's the most popular and in-between as far as calories go. It's meant for maintaing a healthy lifestyle-but not necessarily meant to be a big disrupter.
Cleanse 3 - Papa Bear! This is meant for experienced juicers. It is the most intense cleanse with the least amount of calories.

Sooo what is my personal preference? Well, I have hypoglycemia (low blow sugar) and need more calories and proteins to sustain me throughout the day so I need to stick to a variation of the "Cleanse 1". I tried Cleanse 2 and just wasn't getting enough calories to sustain my individual health needs. This is just my own personal needs and preference.


Sample Them! If you're local you can ask for samples at the store. The employees often can suggest similar options if one juice just isn't your thing. This has saved me from one or two things that I would just not be excited to drink everyday for 3-5 days. Last time I was in the shop one poor girl came in saying she didn't know you could sample and was bringing her cleanse back because she couldn't stand the taste of ginger that was in so many of her juices. 

Customize! It costs the same! The cleanses come with prescribed juices for whatever kind of level you're going for and are meant to guide someone. However, many people don't realize you can customize your cleanse at no additional cost. I always customize because I am allergic to carrots which is in some of the juices. Also, if you juice regularly you are bound to get tired of the same flavors over and over again and may want to spice things up.

Go Early! Since the juices are made every day in Santa Monica and shipped to their locations you can run into the problem of juice shortages. They'll always offer alternative options for the flavor you wanted, but that doesn't always cut it if you were craving Chocolate Almond and they offer you Brazil Nut (which has veggies in it). Be the early bird and get the flavors you want. 

AWESOME Customer Service - They Understand You Don't Always Like It! Most businesses are not always understanding that you may not like a juice and want to bring it back. While I haven't returned anything I have heard about or witnessed people exchanging juices they thought they would enjoy originally for something that better suited them. I even heard one store attendant tell a woman to bring in whatever she didn't like, even if she had already drank part of it, and they would exchange it for her. 

Freezes! OMG YUMMM!!! You didn't read that wrong. The Pressed Juicery Freeze comes as a soft served bowl of mystical goodness!!! It's only made with fruit and veggie juices or nuts. All their products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious. I go there for a sweet fix every now and again and it is the best DF/GF ice cream I've ever had (I'm allergic to dairy and wheat, so I've had my share). They have all sorts of flavors and toppings. My favorite is chocolate almond freeze layered with almond butter, coaco bits, raspberries, and topped with chocolate drizzle. It's divine! To learn more check out The Chalkboard Mag's article on Pressed Juicery Freeze Here

Photo Credit: The Chalkboard Mag

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