My Week of Juice Cleansing with Pressed Juicery - Day 4

Day 4 Lessons Learned DO NOT watch Food Network Whatever you do, for goodness sake, don't watch Food Network. Or anyth...

Day 4

Lessons Learned

DO NOT watch Food Network

Whatever you do, for goodness sake, don't watch Food Network. Or anything really related to food. I was halfway through a Kids Baking Championship episode before I started considering quitting the cleanse. Half the stuff they were making didn't even look that appetizing (poor little lambs) BUT I STILL WANTED TO CHEW IT! Save yourself the pain and just avoid food centered television or conversations. I add that last part because my wonderful sweetheart came over after an amazing dinner he had and described every bit of it to me and how he wanted to take me to this restaurant in the future. Meanwhile I was restraining myself from hugging him purely to get the after-restaurant-smell lingering on him. O.K. That may be an exaggeration but it was still torture. These discoveries lead me to the next realization...

Food/drinks/coffee can be craved or consumed because of certain triggers & pitfalls-not need

I am so guilty of eating because I'm bored. I realize that. Not always great at catching myself in the act but after I wake up from my trance and look at the crumbs clinging to me like evidence while fleeing the scene of the crime-I know it. What I didn't realize is how much I consume based on other people or my surroundings. "Want to hang out? Sure. Okay. How about coffee?" I didn't need coffee at that time but I'll do it because we tell ourselves we need to do something while hanging out. Boyfriend comes over and wants a snack or five (because his metabolism is a black hole-I swear!) so I indulge with him. We go out to eat and everyone wants appetizer, entrees, and dessert. You don't want to look cheap but you also want your money's worth plus it's there and OMG THIS IS DELICIOUS LET'S GET 5 MOREEEEE!!!!!! Social eating. Eating because you start to crave whatever you're seeing or smelling. We live in a world of constant Instagram posts about something yummy, commercials screaming at you that you just HAVE TO HAVE THIS deliciousness, happy hour is cheaper-better get those french fries for half off rather than wait to pay for a healthier entree. It's a matter of convenience, social behavior, or bad habits. Some of you may be going, "Well yeah, duh. Didn't you listen to your Professor Blah Blah Blah?" Well maybe but it's a lot different learning about it in theory versus painfully experiencing it as you stare all these habits down in the course of one week. I'm now encouraged and excited to put my new "aha moment" into practice and be intentional with my eating habits. 

When bored and wanting to eat, invest that time somewhere else

Note: I'm NOT saying when you are hungry and in need of sustenance go distract yourself into starvation. I mean when you are BORED or just craving something. Go for a walk, do yoga, read, journal, blog (this may have been a good outlet for me this week). DO something that takes your mind off of it. Learn to fill that boredom with something productive other than food. Suddenly you'll be halfway through writing your latest blog post and go, "Hey, I don't even want that sesame chicken anymore." 

Another tip: When you want to bored eat or eat because of cravings-drink a cup of tea or water, brush your teeth with mint, or light a non-food smelling candle (I use Yankee Candle-Pine). It gets that flavor craving out of your mouth/mind. (My mom taught me the first two). 

Get an accountability partner 

Find someone you can talk to and tell them what you're feeling. When you're going through something frustrating let them be there for you. I highly recommend this for all parts of your life-but since we're talking health and cleanses this week I'll stick to that. My sister is my accountability partner and confidante. I tell her what's I'm discovering-good and bad-and she's right there to laugh with me or encourage me when I need it. Note: It's easier if you can find someone to do a cleanse with you or who has done one before, but not necessary if whomever you speak to is supportive.  

What are triggers for your cravings or mindless eating? It doesn't even have to be food-sometimes we mindlessly shop because we're bored or tired of what we have, even if we don't need anything. What are your consumer habits? 

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