What is Your Blog About? 
The Abstract Life is a travel, life, and style focused blog. However, the "Lifestyle" portion of it gives me the freedom to explore a myriad topics that I find interesting or that have affected my life. Popular topics include travel and packing advice, outfits and styling tips, decor, entertaining, and life as a GF (gluten free) & DF (dairy free) foodie.

What Inspired You to Start Blogging?
I've moved so many times in my life (over 30 times) that I have been a globe trotter since my childhood. However, when I followed my heart to California a couple years ago I wanted to get to know my new home, while exploring my creativity. The Abstract Life was my way of curating an on going love letter to California-Living and how it influences my style and wanderlust.

Do You Blog Full Time? 
I do not. I am a business development manager for a Fortune 500 tech company in Silicon Valley. I do dedicate a lot of my free time, evenings, and weekends to blogging, however. I work long, hard hours to make both my dreams with my career and blog come true; and appreciate the opportunities both have offered me.

Why Style? 
Well, I have always considered what I put on as wearable art. Style allows me to express myself and how I look at the world. I hope to inspire others to either feel comfortable enough to wear things they found beautiful, yet were apprehensive about, or to find the freedom and self-expression through the evolution of their personal style (even if it isn't like mine!).

Who Takes Your Photos? 
Mostly, I don't have a dedicated photographer. Chances are, if you're a friend or family member, you've been told where to stand and shoot for me...and I'm incredibly grateful! I also take a majority of my photos with a tripod and timer / remote or with other bloggers who are willing to trade time photographing each other.

Do You Pose or Are Your Pictures Candid? 
A bit of both. My former modeling and acting experience taught me how to feel comfortable in front of the camera and see it as an art form. I enjoy posing if I think it will align with the art direction and vision I had for the shoot. However, more than anything, I love when a candid shot captures something even greater than what my mind came up with.

Do You Use Photoshop?
I do not use Photoshop. Rather, I edit my photos with Affinity Photo. I try to take and pick photos that make me look my best. However, there is always the occasional day you wake up with a zit when you're going to shoot or you can't fight Mother Nature's wind. That means the occasional blemish or stray hairs get fixed and I brighten my photos and darken shadows / contrast. Because, like Tina Fey, I think "that it’s okay to make a photo look as if you were caught on your best day in the best light.”

Tina Fey Sums Up My Photoshop Opinions:
“I feel about Photoshop the way some people feel about abortion. It is appalling and a tragic reflection on the moral decay of our society…unless I need it, in which case, everybody be cool.”

“Feminists do the best Photoshop because they leave the meat on your bones. They don’t change your size or your skin color. They leave in your disgusting knuckles, but they may take out some armpit stubble. Not because they’re denying its existence, but because they understand that it’s okay to make a photo look as if you were caught on your best day in the best light.” ― Tina Fey, Bossypants

Have any other burning questions? Reach out! theabstractlifeblog@gmail.com